Kundenbewertungen bieten den Fahrschülern auf der Suche nach der für sie passende Fahrschule viele Vorteile. Fahrschüler haben die Möglichkeit, Vertrauen in die Fahrschule oder die Dienstleistung aufzubauen. Bewertungen geben ihnen Orientierung und führen sie zu dem für sie geeignete Fahrschule. Das ist der Grund weshalb wir unsere Fahrschüler für eine offene und ehrliche Meinung belohnen.

"I did C and CE here, it was adjusted well to my official circumstances. The driving lessons were really fun and we received strong individual support. We worked on the weaknesses instead of just going through a stupid standard process. Very satisfied and always happy to return !! P.S. The brand new Mercedes Actros sweetens the whole thing."
Marcel Naus
"I know the driving school from my sister and I am very satisfied. Everyone is really nice, even the driving instructors. If only everyone could be so nice, that would be very nice. I can only recommend them to others. Thumbs up."
einhorn glück
"Top driving school! Was very well prepared for the practical test by my driving instructor André! He was always motivated and friendly! I can only recommend."
"I got my class B driving license with André and couldn't have asked for better. Everything was perfect."
Lea Golkowski
"Like many others, I can only recommend the driving school. The staff is extremely personable and friendly. The staff prepared me very well for the two exams, so I passed them on my own the first time. On the whole, the driving school is very recommendable!"
Marcel_5290 x
"This driving school is highly recommended! The owner and his staff are absolutely friendly and courteous, the prices are also completely good there - the vehicles are very modern and, in contrast to most driving schools, you are taught something here and that in the form of constructive criticism. Gladly again! :)"
"Diese Fahrschule ist absolut zu empfehlen! Der Inhaber und seine Mitarbeiter sind absolut freundlich und zuvorkommend, Preistechnisch ist es dort auch vollkommen gut! Gerne wieder! :)"
awd wfa
"Got my driver's license here, best driving schools and can only be recommended. Everyone is absolutely nice and friendly ✌"
Kevin Ebisch
"I got my driver's license at the driving school at the Bärenbrunnen in Kempen during the autumn holidays (which was not stressful despite the short time, as everything was very organized) and I can only recommend it. My driving instructor André was also very nice and calm, which made me feel very safe while driving. Really a great driving instructor. As I said, I can only recommend this driving school, it's really a lot of fun there. Sincerely yours Fritz"
"Best driving school team I know! I can only recommend driving school at any time. Driving school team super customer friendly. Sufficient time is taken during the consultation and everything is discussed in peace. Driving lessons and process in combination with theory lessons 1A! Exam preparation 1A! Regardless of which driver's license, I would choose this driving school again immediately and without thinking twice."
Jannis Weidemann